Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More traffic!

970mbit and rising...! - mozilla!

The nice folk at have provided me with a .jp CDN node. I'm now serving a good stack of bits from it into Australia, Malaysia, India, Japan, China, Korea and the Phillipines.

Thanks guys!

Mozilla 3.0.9 release..

The mozilla release (3.0.9) is currently going on. The traffic levels are ramping up now to the release peak.

880mbit/sec and counting..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lusca and Cacheboy improvements in the pipeline..

After profiling Lusca-HEAD rather extensively on the CDN nodes, I've discovered that the largest CPU "use" on the core 2 duo class boxes is memcpy(). On the ia64-2 node memcpy() shows up much lower down in the list. I'm sure this has to do with the differing FSB and general memory bus bandwidth available on the two architectures.

I'm planning out the changes to the store client needed to support fully copy-free async read and write. This should reduce the CPU overhead on core 2 duo class machines to the point where Lusca should break GigE throughput on this workload without too much CPU use. (I'm sure it could break GigE throughput right now on this workload though.)

I'll code this all up during the week and build a simulated testing rig at home "pretending" to be a whole lot of clients downloading partial bits of mozilla/firefox updates, complete with a random packetloss, latency and abort probability.

I also plan on finally releasing the bulk of the Cacheboy CDN software (hackish as it is!) during the week, right after I finally remove the last few bits of hard-coded configuration locations. :) I still haven't finished merging in the bits of code which do the health check, calculate the current probabilities to assign each host and then write out the geoip map files. I'll try to sort that out over the next few days and get a public subversion repository with the software online.

By the way, I plan on releasing the Cacheboy CDN software under the Affero GPL (AGPL) licence.